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    About Us was started by Peter Berkowitz in 1994 in the city of Colorado Springs Colorado selling and installing Atlas telephones systems such as the Ksx 32 And Ksx 128 key systems.

    In 1998 we moved to Redding, CA and continued to sell the Atlas telephone line which now Included the KDX 56 , KDX 500 and AVM JR phone systems and voice mail.

    We sold Redding Communications in 2005 to concentrate on selling wholesale and picked up 2 new lines in 2008.

    Transtel telephone systems are our line of new digital key systems for resale to other Dealers with tech support and a whole range of ksus and phones from 3 to 100 Telephone lines.

    We are also selling a whole range of quality refurbished ESI telephone systems Including the IVX classic,S class C class, X class and the communication servers such as the CS 50, CS 100 and CS 200.

    All the phones are available including the 48 key, 24 key and IP phones.

    Having a large warehouse in Anderson, CA we are able to ship later than most East Coast companies, so if you need Atlas phones, ESI phones or transtel telephone equipment, give us a call at 1-888-689-1711.

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