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    ESI 24 key DFP telephone

    ESI 24 key DFP telephone

    The ESI 24 key DFP telephone is designed for users that do not need all the features

    of the 48 key HDFP telephones.

    It comes with 12 programmable buttons and a dedicated voicemail key and is a speakerphone..

    The 24 key DFP will work on the S class gen 1 and 2, the E class gen 1and 2,

    50L and CS 50 and CS 100 and 200 telephones systems.

    TransTel Hotel and Motel Phone System Solutions

    TransTel Hotel and Motel Phone System Solutions

    Trans Tel makes a line of systems perfectly suited for the hospitality environment.

    We have a small phone system that can support up to 20 rooms for the bed and breakfast market and small motels.

    This is the G1E phone system.

    The TDS series can support up to 320 rooms.

    All phone systems come with verbal prompts for Check in/Check out and wake up call.

    Another special feature is E 911 which is being required in many flags. The system will come pre-programmed to your specs and is real easy to install.

    Please contact us with any questions.  We have a phone system for you!